Course Details

Course Details

IBM InfoSphere MDM Advanced Edition Architecture V10

This course is designed for anyone who wants to get an understanding on the InfoSphere Master Data Management Server Architecture. This course walks the students through the major components of the MDM Server and how each component interacts. Students will learn how the MDM Server responds once a service is invoked and the various configuration and extension points of a service. The course is used as an intro to various components that make up the MDM Server Architecture and prepares the students to identify how the MDM Server will fit into their organization and what pieces may be customize to fit their business requirements.

Course Detail Of IBM MDM -

IBM MDM Server and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  •  How MDM Server works in context of SOA
  •  MDM Data Model from SOA point of view
  •  MDM Services from SOA point of view
  • Big Picture
  • How MDM Server Works
  • Architecture Overview
The Core Data Model

  • Party Domain
  • Account Domain
  • Product Domain
  • Metadata
  • Common Domain
How Services Are Invoked
  • MDM Server Consumers
  • How Services are invoked
  • How Services are Handled
How Services Are Implemented
  • Service Overview
  • Pre/Post Processing Framework
  • Persistence
  • Pluggable Persistence Layer
How Services Are Extended
  • Metadata
  • Types of Extensions
  • Data Extension
  • Data Additions
  • Specs
  • Behavior Extensions
  • Composite Services
Common Components
  • External Rules
  • Validation
  • Rules of Visibility
  • Configuration
  • Standardization
  • Logging and Servicibility
  • Multi Timezone
  • Search Framework
Event Management
  • Event Manager Overview
  • Event Manager Architecture
UI Architecture
  • MDM Server UIs Overview
  • UI Architecture
Deployment Topologies

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